Our love for pets is done with artistic skill. We have perfected our craft in the pet care industry. The arts and pets have a lot in common: both can entertain us and both can be wildly creative. Pets and the arts also allow us to escape from everyday trials and tribulations. Our pets bring us so much joy and unconditional love. Why not reward them by hiring An Artful Dogger when you can't be there to care for them? What is the number one thing pet parents say is the hardest part about owning fur kids? No, it's not pet hair, vet bills, or untimely barking in the middle of the night. It's GUILT. Our pets are like our children, and when we go away, the guilt sets in. If your guilt is getting to you, we can help. It's what we do. In fact, we've made it our profession!

Overnight/live-in sitting

The ultimate peace of mind for pet parents + their creature comforts! Starting at $80.

Cat + critter sitting

Keep your cat cool and hip with daily visits! Starting at $25.

Wellness solutions

Calm your farm! Holistic relief + relaxation treatments for both (wo)man + beast.