Before you book some fun…

Please take the time to peruse this site first and see if it’s right up your alley.

Like what you see? Here are your next steps:

Registration meeting is required before starting services. Request a meeting so everyone gets to sniff out and get comfy with each other. We’ll also go over pet sitting procedures, your routine, and lay of the land.

First meeting is complimentary upon booking services. If services are not booked, a $25 fee is due at the appointment or it will be credited towards a future booking up to six months. There is a $25 fee per additional meeting if necessary.

Forms in the service packet must be completed before registration meeting/consultation. Simply drop a line to fetch the password to access the packet. Forms can be sent via mail or e-mail or submitted during the appointment. You’ll also get help in completing the forms during the meeting if needed.

To guarantee reservation, new clients must submit both paperwork and full payment during the meeting or before service starts, up to four weeks in advance. Full payment is due on the first day of service for established clients.

The finer prints:

Cash or check is accepted for payment.

Holiday and overnight bookings require a 50% nonrefundable deposit for new and established clients.

Cancellations or changes in service are allowed within seven days before scheduled service. You are responsible for 50% payment of the booking fee if cancelled within this time period. There are no refunds or credits once service has begun. There are no refunds or credits for early returns during the length of the service.

Should you forget to cancel service when sitter is already en route, a $25 fee applies.

Acceptable lead time for last-minute booking is no less than 48 hours. Holiday bookings within 48 hours or less incurs a $25 rush fee. No same-day service.

During the initial meeting, garage code, alarm code, garage opener, and two copies of keys will be collected—one for the sitter and one for backup in case of emergency.

For the safety and well-being of your pets, visits at least once a day for cats and small animals other than dogs and at least twice a day for dogs are required. Extended stay/overnight sitting is offered in lieu of three or more visits per day.

More detailed policies are outlined in the service packet.

Policies and rates are subject to change without advance notice.

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