Fur Dog’s Sake, Don’t Shave Your Pooch!

Chelsea and Sasha blowing their coat.
Chelsea and Sasha in their biannual ritual: good ol’ coat blowing.


It’s summertime, so it’s the perfect time to indulge in relaxing activities.

Being a couch potato is on the top of the list. That includes guilty pleasures like—ahem—reality TV. In my case, it’s TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress. One particular episode featured a twenty-something SoCal beach-babe bride with three pooches—two clipped Pomeranians and what appeared to be a nearly shaved white husky.

Apparently, she did a lot more research on her blinged-up, way-too-overpriced gown, to be worn only for a few hours in her lifetime, than her fur babies’ natural lifelong clothing.

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Pet Sitting Licensing and Bonding Myth: Redux

Licensed to Chill Kitty BondI already have a few blog posts regarding this issue (on my yet-to-be-published blog archive from my old website), but due to so much public misconception out there, I feel compelled to publish a response to a post on one of the major online caregiving directories.

Name and location of the poster are edited out. Asking rate on the post is $15 per visit. Here’s the post, copied verbatim (emphasis mine): Continue reading