Tanka on Animal Reiki Workshop

Meditation: on higher ground

hold on to the roots

rock steady—easy does it!

ground (zero) control

toss and turn and let it burn

let’s return to center stage

This is my second week of learning to let it be, let go, and let God.

Funnily, the exercise started with a string of minor annoyances, big enough to rattle my usual excitable, anxiety-prone, hyperactive mind. Enter the earth and sky meditation, based on the common grounding technique of visualizing light and energy from above, flooding our entire being from head to toe, crown to root—roots from the base of our spine reaching deep into the earth, locking us in a stable, firm, unshakable position—and filling our heart center, radiating everywhere to animals in need of peace and healing. Without any pressure or expectation, we invite them to take as much or as little energy—or none at all—as they wish. Trust between us and the animals is established, resulting in an effective Reiki treatment, even if we don’t immediately sense anything at first. It’s the moment for us to let them take the lead in this energetic two-step. Continue reading

Animal Reiki Workshop assignment 1


This is a five-part series corresponding to five weeks of the Animal Reiki Workshop, for which I signed up in a short while after the fact after Boston, a fellow pet sitter/friend’s pit bull, was suddenly struck with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA). I wanted to help in some way after learning that natural approaches have been used successfully to treat various diseases, including autoimmune disorders. I had already wanted to sign up for the workshop for quite some time, so the timing was spot on.

Reiki, literally translated as spiritual energy or spiritual life force, is a Japanese holistic healing system incorporating touch and meditation. Used to treat both humans, animals, and even situations, it promotes balance, relaxation, pain relief, and stress reduction among many others. Continue reading

Pet Reading: What’s Your Pet Thinking?

Typical daily thoughts of pets.
Typical daily thought of pets.

Have you always wondered what your pet is thinking or feeling? Has it ever crossed your mind that he or she has an important message or life lesson for you?

Pet reading gives you insight on your pet’s physical and emotional state or issues, as well as your own. Although pet reading and pet communication are both used together to get a complete picture of the animal’s condition, pet reading is not the same as pet communication. In pet reading, your pet simply tells you his or her thoughts, feelings, and problems, while in pet communication, humans and pets aim to resolve issues collaboratively. Pet communication, combined with pet psychology, are called for pet behavioral issues to correct temper tantrums and potential or existing health problems. Neurotoxins often cause mood disorders and illnesses such as cancer, all of which affect pet behavior. As domesticated animals are evolving and very sophisticated, it’s helpful to use various tools such as pet readings, pet communication, and pet psychology for their well-being.

On the human side, pet reading is a glimpse into our life journey. In the Taoist school of thought, the environment or nature is our teacher. Animals are more than just our companions. They are also our guides and teachers, often sent to work on our problems in this lifetime for the growth of our souls on the earth plane. The behavior of animals often mirrors the internal state of their caretakers. Continue reading