Typical daily thoughts of pets.
Typical daily thought of pets.

Have you always wondered what your pet is thinking or feeling? Has it ever crossed your mind that he or she has an important message or life lesson for you?

Pet reading gives you insight on your pet’s physical and emotional state or issues, as well as your own. Although pet reading and pet communication are both used together to get a complete picture of the animal’s condition, pet reading is not the same as pet communication. In pet reading, your pet simply tells you his or her thoughts, feelings, and problems, while in pet communication, humans and pets aim to resolve issues collaboratively. Pet communication, combined with pet psychology, are called for pet behavioral issues to correct temper tantrums and potential or existing health problems. Neurotoxins often cause mood disorders and illnesses such as cancer, all of which affect pet behavior. As domesticated animals are evolving and very sophisticated, it’s helpful to use various tools such as pet readings, pet communication, and pet psychology for their well-being.

On the human side, pet reading is a glimpse into our life journey. In the Taoist school of thought, the environment or nature is our teacher. Animals are more than just our companions. They are also our guides and teachers, often sent to work on our problems in this lifetime for the growth of our souls on the earth plane. The behavior of animals often mirrors the internal state of their caretakers.

Employing her academic, scientific, intuitive, and spiritual background, Marie Feuer, Ph.D., explores life lessons through pet readings in the Redlands Holistic Healing Group. She offers pet readings by simply having participants give her a few pieces of information: name of pet, species, and a photo of pet—living or deceased. Although photos of pets are normally requested for readings, they’re not necessary.

The following are the vignettes of the pets being read in the Redlands Meetup.

Let’s get metaphysical!

Mocha the Chatty Cat

Mocha is the boss of the house. True to the telepathic nature of animals, he’s a talkative feline who used to talk a lot more. It turns out that he desperately wants to talk to his person about his health problems. Dr. Marie suggests a change in diet along with a visit with a chiropractor and a homeopathic vet. She highly recommends Dr. Nancy Modglin of Holistic Options Veterinary Care in Redlands.

Pico the Cosmic Dog

I’d love to know everything about my furry friends, past and present. I wonder what’s behind my Siberian husky Chelsea’s fondness for peeing on the patio room floor and feasting on her own poop. I wonder why Bunny is such a scaredy cat who likes to hang out inside the bathroom cubbyhole or bury himself under the bed covers. After all, he was a very young, tiny stray kitten when my brother and his now-wife found him. It was probably a botched neutering job that got him skittish ever since. Gonzo, my cocker spaniel, was a sensitive, traumatized soul. Before crossing the Rainbow Bridge, he had a host of lifelong health problems after spending a few days in the pound. He had never been away from home, stuck with a bunch of strange dogs in a cage. There was also Cherry, the sweet, smart, friendly stray black terrier mix who was too much of a free spirit to be owned by anyone. She apparently ran away from her original owner. She was an accomplished escape artist. She’d usually climb up the backyard wall, and she’d be back within a few minutes to a few hours, depending on her whim. One day, she jumped over the backyard yet again, never to return.

But I decided to use Pico, my Chiweenie, as a guinea pig pooch. I’d always suspected that there were special circumstances when it came to him. It could’ve been a past life connection. He was lost, wandering around the neighborhood last summer before running through the open door, straight into my living room. It was as if he had some sort of canine GPS! He decided to make my home his home. Being a wiener dog fan, I had the strange feeling that I’d see a Dachshund-like hound. Sure enough, I saw a little mutt with rather short front legs and bowed front paws. He was quite hungry. He instantly bonded with me after I gave him some bread to eat, and he made himself comfortable in my bed right away. I’ve become his main person since then.

Unfortunately, I’ve completely forgotten to ask if Pico had a previous owner and if he was abused. This means scheduling another reading appointment!

With only very little information, Dr. Marie gives a pretty doggone spot-on reading: a spiritual pooch, Pico was guided. God—the universe, Spirit, or however you call the higher power—sent him to me for a reason. It was for my purpose and his purpose: to help each other grow. When we pray, sometimes we get what we need, not what we want. Pico was that unexpected answer to a prayer. Dr. Marie perceives that I’ve been having self-worth issues—my feeling that others don’t value what I have to offer. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for a long time, especially the past several years. Pico needs someone to work. I am that person. He gives me a job to do. (No kidding about it! Sweeping fur piles on the floor at least twice a day and cleaning up after his territorial spraying sprees are a workout!) It’s little wonder why those close to me remark that he’s lucky to be found by a caring, compassionate, loving person. I am indeed worthy in his popped-out Chihuahua eyes.

However, Dr. Marie throws in a little caveat: smart and manipulative, Pico certainly likes constant attention, only less narcissistic than a man. Spirit sometimes uses a gentler way to teach important life lessons—a little four-legged guy in my case. This is certainly a lot better than dealing with a narcissistic man in a relationship! (If you want a little slice of hell on earth, get involved with a narcissist, platonically or romantically. My situation was the former. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt, lost it, don’t want it back.)

But all is not lost with Pico. He will eventually evolve. My job is to watch him and tell him to man up, Dog Whisperer-style. A holistic development for him and me is in order: an exercise routine with him and including him in my personal space during my prayer time.

Toby: Napoleon Dynamite

Toby the Chihuahua has a habit of blustering. His person unknowingly projects her own issues and energy on him, causing his insecurity. Dr. Marie suggests pet psychology and quick-dissolving Hyland’s homeopathic remedies for fear and anxiety.

Toby’s behavior is a reminder for his person to start her healing process. She is encouraged to share her emotions with him. Once she shifts her energy, his energy will also change for the better.

Long-Gone Honeybun

Honeybun, a happy golden retriever, was given by a neighbor to his person. Unfortunately, the joy he gave his person didn’t last long after he escaped. She wonders what happened to him.

Typical of his breed, Honeybun was too trusting without self-care. He didn’t protect himself in a relationship. Despite being a good guard and watchdog, he was stolen, although he’s now in good hands. He simply taught his person karmic lessons in denying loneliness and feelings. He showed her that being a stoic rock no longer served her.

Caramel, Who Was Really Gone

Caramel was a happy dog with a sense of humor who had passed on. His person wants to know what really happened when he was alive and whether it has something to do with her easily losing things often. Misplacing things is a sign from the universe that she has to lighten up like her beloved Caramel or lose it.

Dr. Marie also gives her the good news that another dog with a similar energy will come in a few months.

Ain’t No Sunshine When Kitty’s ‘Bout to Be Gone

Sunshine is a 12- or 13-year-old calico who likes to withdraw, leaving her person wondering whether she has a behavioral or medical issue. Dr. Marie sees that Sunshine has mini seizure. A cervical or thoracic adjustment is recommended as she is deteriorating. Her time is about up.

Dr. Marie remarks that many spiritual people are “weenies” around animals, so in the meantime, she also advises Sunshine’s person to not be afraid to be the mommy and screw up in the process. Animals need to be socialized and taught, not mollycoddled.

Gizmo the Chomper

A cat who loves roughhousing and chomping, Gizmo has his person a bit concerned, but this is nothing to worry about. This is his natural personality. A good dose of Jackson Galaxy-style behavior modification should straighten things up.

Honey Do, Honey Don’t

As the third owner of Honey, her person expresses concerns about her serious aggression. A bit like an autistic kid, Honey never learned to care for others. A very defensive and unsocialized dog, she killed two other dogs. Dr. Marie strongly advises Honey’s person to train and socialize him à la Cesar Millan.

Honey’s behavior is a reflection of her pet mommy’s inner issues—the lack of confidence to self-soothe and the inability to be her own best friend.

For further exploration

Dr. Marie offers spiritual development, life coaching, counseling, holistic health consultation, healings, readings, and therapies for humans and pets at www.mariefeuer.org. Sessions, including pet readings, may be done in person or remotely via phone or Skype, except for a few services that require in-person appointments.

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